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The Big Bang Fair partners with astronomers at Birmingham University to create a series of new constellations in honour of famous men and women that are inspirational to young people today.

The icons that have been commemorated include Usain Bolt doing his celebratory lightning-bolt stance, Sir David Attenborough in the shape of a blue whale, JK Rowling through Harry Potter’s iconic glasses, Mo Farah doing his Mobot celebration, a spaceship for Tim Peake, a book for Malala Yousafzi and author Michael Bond through Paddington Bear’s boots.

The constellations have been created with a view to getting more young people interested in stargazing and the universe. They arrive in the wake of research from The Big Bang Fair which found that 72% of children have never looked up at the night sky to find a star constellation before, while 29% wouldn’t be able to recognise a single classical constellation when shown them.

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